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Sex with a Hex
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Sex with a Hex
By: Beverly Rae
Type: eBook
Genre: Paranormal, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More
Artist: Angela Waters
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: 01-24-2012
Length: Category
ISBN: 978-1-60928-565-4
Series: Magical Sisters

It’s all in good, dirty fun…until the heart raises the stakes.

Magical Sisters, Book 2

Meg Tristan is spontaneous, spirited, outspoken and beautiful—and she enjoys every second of it. She can have any man she wants, with or without casting a spell. Too bad she hasn’t found one who can keep up with her non-magical sex drive, much less handle her hexual prowess.

When he’s not caring for his patients, Dr. Chance Dannigan spends his off hours getting acquainted with as many women as he can in his new town. None hold his attention—until he catches Meg’s flirtatious glance across the bar. One drink later, he’s sure he’s found the one woman who can stimulate both his heads.

Sensing a kindred spirit, he challenges Meg to a daring competition. Each must choose a random partner for the other, and the one who fails to seduce the target, loses. And to keep it honest? The opponent must witness the act.

Winning each round proves almost too easy. The ultimate challenge is figuring out how to handle their unexpected attraction to each other…and how to end the game without both of them coming out losers. 
Product Warnings
Hocus pocus is unleashed along with free lovin’—with no holds barred. One on one leads to two on two in a magical sexual romp that takes playing doctor to a whole new level.  

Copyright © 2012 Beverly Rae
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Ignoring her sisters’ protests, Meg threw them a kiss and swayed toward the large group of men. Every man turned toward her as she moved closer. It was almost too easy attracting men. With or without an attraction spell, she could have any man she wanted. The realization was an intoxicating one, but even so, the familiar knot in her stomach grew harder. Sex was one thing, but would she ever find love like Allie had?

She glanced at Tom as he rushed over to help Allie waddle through the crowd, and she felt the familiar stab of yearning. If she could find a man who could stimulate her both sexually and intellectually, she’d gladly give up one-night stands. But finding a man like that was about as likely as winning the lottery. Of course, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t keep buying lottery tickets.

“Hey, baby, how’re you doing?”

Meg looked him over, from the top of the man’s head down to the tips of his shoes and back again, while his friends watched and waited. He was good-looking, but she sensed that he wasn’t the brightest light in the room. His body, however, boasted hours of gym time so she considered him a likely candidate. Did he have enough stamina to handle a romp with her? Especially if she used a little magic to spice things up?

“Can’t you tell how I’m doing?” She pursed her lips, thrust out her chest and received the appropriate admiring looks. One of the men licked his lips as though he could already taste her. Down, boy. I haven’t made my choice yet.

A taller man edged the first man aside. “Hi, I’m Rick. Can I buy you a drink?”

Meg lifted an eyebrow and gave him the once-over. Couldn’t he see that her glass was half full? Yep, this group was a virtual think tank. “Thanks, but I’m good.”

The usual exchange of names and light chit-chat ensued while other women in the club cast jealous glares her way. How many of them could command the attention of five men at the same time? Meg covered her smug smile with a sip of her drink. Half the fun was having the rest of the women turn green with envy. Not that she was mean-spirited about it, and she’d never blatantly throw it in their faces, but who didn’t like being the envy of others once in a while? She sipped her drink and basked under the attention, answering only when she needed to keep the conversation flowing.

Having finished her drink at last, she held it up and shook the glass. Within a second, someone handed her another drink—hmm, at least one of these guys can think ahead—and she politely thanked the sweet-faced young man. Then she let her gaze roam, landing on one man then another in her quest to find the best possible candidate for a night of sex and, hopefully, more sex.

Dark, soulful eyes, eyes that made her believe he could possess the answers to every question in life, caught hers, bringing her search to an abrupt stop. She blinked, then narrowed her own eyes, trying to see through the gaggle of women surrounding him. An almost too-handsome-to-be-real face captured her attention. Dark hair framed the sculpted face and made her palm itch. What would it be like to touch the silky wave falling across his forehead? Or better yet, how would that mass of hair feel tickling the skin of her inner thighs? He took a sip of his drink, bringing her focus to his full lips. Lips she could easily imagine nibbling. Her nibbling him. Him nibbling her.

She took another sip of her drink, never taking her eyes off him. One of the women standing next to him ran her palm along his jaw line. His jaw was so well defined, so strong she imagined that it could cut steel. A twinge of something unfamiliar twisted inside her. She drew in a slow breath and frowned, trying to place the new emotion. She could recall a similar reaction clenching her stomach whenever she thought about Tom’s love for Allie, or when Hilly made her incredible cupcakes, a feat Meg could never quite accomplish. Why did she feel this way? Her gut twisted, and she concentrated, bringing the niggling idea to the forefront.

Recognition hit her, stunning her. Could she be…? No, wait. She couldn’t be. And yet, she couldn’t deny the truth.

Am I jealous? Stars and moon, what the hell is wrong with me?

Meg forced herself to look away from the mesmerizing face the other woman still caressed, to slide over the well-muscled chest outlined by his silky black shirt. She concentrated on sizing him up, his confident, almost arrogant stance, the rich quality of his attire. If only the women around him would get out of the way, she could see what lay below his slim waist, perhaps even get a glimpse at the size of the bulge in his slacks.

Unable to keep from doing so, she came back to his face and once again found him studying her. His bemused expression bothered her, but she’d be damned if she’d let him see how he’d unnerved her with one look. Instead, she dipped her head and pretended to laugh at the awful joke one of the men had told.

Where had he come from? She hadn’t seen him around Cottageville, much less the club, which meant he had to be new in town. She paused, grasping for something her sisters had said. Was he the new doctor? That had to be it. She blew out a silent whistle. How such a dreamy man could wind up in the small North Carolina town was a mystery, but she wasn’t about to question her luck. Here was the night’s pleasure stud she’d been searching for. In fact, he was so delicious she might keep him for more than one night. Overcoming her sudden bout of nerves, she lifted her head and, once again, felt his invisible force take hold.

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