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Seeker's Solace
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Seeker's Solace
By: T J Michaels
Type: eBook
Genre: Paranormal, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More, Vampires
Artist: Kanaxa
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: 09-24-2013
Length: Category
ISBN: 978-1-61921-750-8
Series: Vampire Council of Ethics

Each of them is silent and deadly, together they are a storm nothing can stand against.

Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 4

When Jovon Dawson-Li is asked to join an elite team to investigate who—or what—is behind the attacks on the Seeker Corps, the pressure is on. Jovon has long dreamed of proving herself worthy of becoming a Serati warrior. This is her chance.

But there are two somethings challenging her focus—her team mates, elite Seeker Slade Tof-Li and clan liaison Shale Reis Krulm. Together, they form a deep matebond. For the first time in her life, Jovon’s determination to become a Serati wavers…and she wonders if she can have her dream and her lovers too.

The enemy they face has a single-minded purpose to kill the Council’s most skilled and dangerous vampires and leave no tracks. But when they strike at the heart of Jovon’s matebond, no trail is faint enough to save them from the wrath of this woman. 
Product Warnings
This novel contains witchy vampires who love hot, hunky law dogs, Hawaiian and Brazilian deck sex, and multiple bad-guy beat downs. 

Copyright © 2013 TJ Michaels
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

The pain had been so severe he’d passed out for the first time ever. Now awake, he wished he’d remained in blessed unconsciousness.

The sun was rising. The blood left his body more quickly with each beat of his heart. Staked to the rocky floor of the cove, he looked up at the beginnings of an orange-pink dawn and would have breathed a sigh of relief if a deep intake of air had been possible. He could tell large chunks of his scalp were missing. The stinging of the multiple cuts set his skin afire, not to mention the gunshot wounds to his chest and thighs. The indentation of rock under his back was sticky and wet, filled with a puddle of his own blood. But someone would find him before he took his last breath, he was sure of it.

Failing to report after a scouting mission would not be taken lightly. Even though fate had smiled on him long enough to see him become a Seeker for the Vampire Council of Ethics, he’d never been very grateful. But now that he stared death in the face, he couldn’t help but think about how kind life had been to him. Even the little things, like the enhanced meds he’d received on his recent trip to V.C.O.E. Southern territory headquarters in Miami were a gift he hadn’t appreciated until this moment. Dr. Carinian Bixler had happened to be in residence, thank God, and had made all the Seekers stationed in that city come in and see her.

The woman was supposed to have been on vacation during her few weeks in town. But the Seeker who lay dying sent up fervent thanks that she’d been unselfish enough to insist on taking care of her own even though she hadn’t actually been on duty.

The recent sun and silver allergy inoculations combined with a strong blood suppressant were the only reasons he hadn’t passed into the beyond by now, especially after the beating he’d taken. The silver chains wrapped around his naked limbs and silver stakes pierced through deep muscle should have sent him into anaphylactic shock by now. Add the rising sun and lack of blood as he lay bleeding out, and his entire system should have shut down hours ago.

But the meds were wearing off. He could feel it.

Closing his eyes, he listened closely. No sound, save the loud crash of waves battering the natural walls surrounding three sides of the small cove. No scent, except the mineral rich smell of his own blood. At least the tide hadn’t come completely in yet. It would have been bad enough to bleed, fry and break out in a sun rash. But to drown too? And all at the hands of rogue vampires? Unthinkable enough to make him shiver with fear of death and be pissed off at the same time.

The salt in the icy sea water was agony on the myriad cuts and bruises as the surf washed up and over his body and into the gashes. Several waves later, he noticed the water was rising. As he lay on the bare rock, the waves that had splashed over his battered knees not long ago were now rolling up to his thighs.

In between beats of his heart were the sounds of gulls overhead, the continual swell and crash of the ocean, the gurgling whoosh of water rolling over the pebbled beach and into the cove as the tide rose.

Thu-thump. Crash. Gurgle. Thu-thump. Over and over until he wished he could plug his ears to block the sounds of impending death.

Wait. Was that a voice just above the din of the rolling sea? With the last ounce of strength, he pulled what air he could into his wheezing lungs.

Not yet. Let them get closer. Make it count… Now.

“Here!” It was all he could manage. Seconds later, the crunch of swift feet moving over sand and rock made him thankful to God that all he had left in him was enough.

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