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The Dragon Healer
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The Dragon Healer
By: Bianca D'Arc
Type: eBook
Genre: Fantasy, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More
Artist: Angela Waters
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: 07-02-2013
Length: Novella
ISBN: 978-1-61921-528-3
Series: Dragon Knights

What’s better than a knight sweeping you off your feet? Two knights.

Dragon Knights, Book 1.5

Silla is a healer riding circuit on the border, helping those in need. When she hears the pained cries of a dragon in distress, she comes to his aid, using most of her precious supplies to help the badly injured creature.

The dragon’s knight, Brodie, is fascinated by the woman—the miracle worker—who has come to help his friend. She is both beautiful and kind hearted and he quickly realizes she is his destined mate. And if she is Brodie’s mate, she is Geoff’s as well, for Brodie’s dragon was mated to Geoff’s dragon many years ago.

Geoff doesn’t believe in the tales of love at first sight among knights, but he knows that when either he or Brodie finds a wife, they will share her. Hearing about the dragon’s injury, Geoff and his dragon race to help, only to find the dragon on the mend and Brodie in bed with the most stunning woman Geoff has ever seen.

Love at first sight turns out to be real and it strikes them all as they come together and realize that no matter what the obstacles, they are meant to be together. Silla is the missing link that will join their lives and make them a true Lair family. 
Product Warnings
Knights like to get frisky and these two are no exception. Beware the passion, playfulness, a bit of bondage and a whole lot of three-way loving with a tiny bit of exhibitionism thrown in for good measure. 

Copyright © 2013 Bianca D'Arc
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

The innkeeper returned rolling a wheelbarrow filled with potted plants. Sure enough, Brodie recognized the distinctive, puffy stalks of the burnjelly plant from his travels in the south. He took one of the plants as the healer did the same and began snapping off some of the outer stalks and preparing the jelly inside for use.

“You’ve done this before?” the healer asked in her quiet way.

“I have seen it done,” Brodie confirmed. “I can help. I realize you’re going to need to use a lot of your supply on Phelan, but I can pay you.”

“When there is need, there is no charge,” the healer repeated the oft-heard motto of her Temple. Still, Brodie knew many healers made small amounts of money selling medicines in the towns they visited. It was never much, but it probably provided for the occasional creature comfort.

“A noble sentiment. Nevertheless, I will compensate you for the plants. I know how rare they are in these climes.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” she whispered with a mischievous expression, leaning toward him.

She smelled of lavender and lilies and warm woman. A heady combination that made him want to lean closer and breathe deeply. She was a gorgeous creature and now that Phelan was resting more comfortably, Brodie saw again what he’d seen when he first beheld her. This healer was a beauty with a gentle touch and an attractive scent. He wanted to kiss her, but he knew that would be entirely inappropriate at the moment. Still, if the opportunity presented itself later, he wouldn’t be shy. He wanted to see if she tasted as sweet as she smelled.

“If we only use the outer stalks,” she went on, oblivious to his carnal thoughts, “the plant will survive to grow more in time. Even trimmed as these will be when we are done, I can earn a few pennies with them from the villagers to pay for my room and board.” She smiled and leaned back, snapping another of the outer stalks off her plant and cutting it open. “So you see, I will not be out much from helping your friend. To be honest, I am honored to assist a dragon and knight of the realm.”

“You honor us with your skill and willingness to help, healer,” Brodie replied politely. “I’m Sir Broderick, but my friends call me Brodie. What’s your name?”

“Silla,” she replied softly, almost shyly.

He wondered how a lovely, attractive and obviously skilled woman had ended up in such a lonely occupation, but he would not pry. Not yet. Soon though, he vowed to know all her secrets.

“You are lovely, Silla.” Brodie wondered where the restraint he usually practiced in his words had suddenly gone. He hadn’t meant to blurt out his thoughts like that, but she seemed to be blushing in the dim light of the torch-lit courtyard.

No coy court games for this beauty. No, she was more genuine and unpracticed in her responses. Shy. Beautiful, soft-spoken and shy. Brodie never would have expected it of an obviously successful journeyman healer. To be on the road by one’s self took a strong character and usually meant the traveling healers were much surer of themselves and somehow…brasher. But this woman could still blush.

Brodie found himself enchanted by the puzzle of her.

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