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Damek's Redemption
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Damek's Redemption
By: N. J. Walters
Type: eBook
Genre: Paranormal, Vampires
Artist: Lyn Taylor
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: 10-30-2012
Length: Novel
ISBN: 978-1-61921-290-9
Series: Legacy

Be careful when searching for the truth...sometimes reality bites.

Legacy, Book 6

Myths and legends are more than just passing interests for Sonia Agostino. She holds degrees in folklore and anthropology, and she comes from a family of Keepers, humans charged with helping paranormal creatures survive in the modern world.

Recently, her research—and her intuition—have led her to Chicago’s Inhibitions nightclub. Its enigmatic owner, known only as Damek, could be the one paranormal creature she has never seen. A vampire. Except he won’t see her.

Damek has good reason to refuse an audience with Sonia. One look at her and his gut reaction is she’s a serious threat to the simple, highly disciplined routine that keeps his bloodlust in check. Worse, she has unwittingly led vampire hunters far too close for comfort.

Yet when she stubbornly shows up at the nightclub a second time, he cannot refuse her. The force of their attraction explodes with erotic power—and danger. For when Sonia discovers that her suspicions were true, she finds her loyalties unexpectedly tested. And her choice will forever change both their lives.

Product Warnings
This book contains smokin’ hot sex, intrigue, a mysterious sexy vampire, vampire hunters, werewolves and a huge Greek family.

Copyright © 2012 N.J. Walters
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

She’d probably run from him if she had any idea just how much he wanted her.

She was just as beautiful as he remembered. No, she was more beautiful. Her wild hair was caught at her nape with some fancy silver clip, her lips were rosy, but her cheeks were pale. The gray sweater she wore beneath her blazer brought out the color of her eyes, like fog across the mountains on a misty morning. Her jeans weren’t tight, but they emphasized her long legs and hinted at the shape beneath.

She paused and he realized he hadn’t really been paying attention. He replayed her last words in his head and found himself surprised, not something that usually happened. She wanted to talk about his club.

“I don’t understand why the name of my nightclub would be of interest to you?” From what he’d read on her business card and the information he’d found online, her areas of study seemed to be myth and legend and tales of folklore from around the world. Of course, it was plausible that she was doing research on nightclubs and their effect on people. These days, academics seemed to be curious about the strangest things.

But more puzzling was why the vampire hunters would have someone trailing her while she was in Chicago. Damek had to assume that the man was back on the job and probably lurking outside his club at this very moment, waiting for her to emerge.

He should have killed him last night. He’d known Sonia was going to be nothing but trouble. The last thing he needed was a vampire hunter taking an interest in either him or his club. The threat was now not only to her but to him and his employees as well. Vampire hunters weren’t always the most discerning of creatures, killing whoever got in their way regardless of whether they were a true vampire or not.

“The name of your club is really what it’s all about, isn’t it? Inhibitions, or rather the lessening of them in some situations. It’s really all about the unknown, isn’t it? About people being drawn to the dark side of life, be it myth or legend or reality. It’s like taking a step out of the normal, the everyday and into another world.” She smiled at him and reached for her coffee.

He tapped his fingers together, watching her intently as she brought her mug to her lips and took a sip. He wasn’t buying it. There was more to her interest than simply wanting to know about his club. He waited until she swallowed before calling her on her lie.

“You do not care about my club, Sonia.” Her pupils dilated slightly when he said her name. He barely suppressed a smile. So, she was not immune to him. Her body’s reactions to his closeness could not be faked. He inhaled deeply and caught the slightest tinge of arousal, coupled with fear. She wanted him, yet feared him. That wasn’t unusual for him, but he found he hated it, didn’t want her to fear him as others did.

“I don’t? Well, that’s news to me.” She set her mug down and crossed her legs, drawing his attention to them.

“Is it?” he countered. “I thought you’d come here for me.”


Sonia froze. “I thought you’d come here for me.” His words echoed in her brain, a reminder of her dream last night. She’d certainly come then. She cleared her throat and pressed onward, beginning to wish she’d never gotten past the front doors of Inhibitions. “I don’t even know you,” she pointed out.

“Which makes it all the more intriguing, don’t you agree?” He looked just like some medieval lord sitting behind his massive desk. This club was his fiefdom, and all the people who worked here his minions or serfs, depending on how you looked at the situation.

“I should go.” She reached down and picked up her purse before standing. As attracted as she was to Damek, she didn’t belong here. He really was just the owner of a rather notorious nightclub and not a vampire at all. Maybe he was a paranormal creature of some kind, but maybe not. She wasn’t sure she should trust her instincts where Damek was concerned any longer. Obviously hormones and sexual urges were messing with her normally infallible instincts.

Her brothers would kill her if they ever found out she’d come to a place like this by herself. Her father would try to ground her even though she’d been living on her own for years.

Damek was in front of her in the blink of an eye. She practically fell back into her chair she was so startled. How had he moved that fast?

“Have dinner with me. We will talk.”

She nibbled her bottom lip. “I don’t know.” Common sense dictated she go back to her hotel, but the wild woman inside her wanted to have dinner with this intriguing, totally unacceptable man. He ran a nightclub with a reputation for wildness, while she worked at a university.

“I promise, I don’t bite.” He paused and added, “Unless asked.” His bedroom voice promised all kinds of erotic pleasures and she caught the glint of his teeth when he smiled. “Please.”

She was going to regret this. “It has to be somewhere casual. I’m not going back to my hotel to change.”

Damek picked up the phone off his desk and hit a button. “Bring the car around back.”

Sonia swallowed hard. What the hell had she just done? It wasn’t too late to change her mind. One second she was determined to be sensible, the next she was agreeing to go to dinner with him. But there was something so darn sexy about Damek that made it impossible for her to be her normal logical self. The way he looked at her as though he found her utterly fascinating, the exotic cadence of his voice when he spoke, drew her like a moth to the proverbial flame.

Dangerous. That was the word that best described him.

She could still leave, go back to her hotel and forget she’d ever met Damek. And she was lying to herself if she thought she wasn’t going to have dinner with him.

Reading what little she could find out about him and his club online had fascinated her enough to travel here to meet him. In person, he was mesmerizing. No way was she going to miss out on an opportunity to actually talk to him. And they were going out to eat in a public place. Nothing untoward would happen to her.

And if she repeated that enough to herself, she might actually believe it. Not that she thought he’d physically hurt her, because for some unexplained reason she didn’t. But her intuition was screaming that her life would never be the same if she went with him.

“Are you ready?” There were so many layers to that question that Sonia wasn’t sure she wanted to answer it. She settled for simply nodding.

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