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By: Tim Marquitz
Type: eBook
Genre: Horror
Artist: Scott Carpenter
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: 11-05-2013
Length: Novella
ISBN: 978-1-61921-621-1

Two serial killers in a battle…to the death!

Murder is business as usual for Homicide Detective Isaac Grant, but when he’s called to examine a body, he realizes an uncomfortable truth: There’s a serial killer on the prowl in the dusty, southwest city of El Paso…a second one.

With two killers dueling for territory, it’s only a few days before there’s another murder, the battle waged through the media. And as the killings escalate, each more horrific and daring than the last, Isaac is caught in the middle. No matter who wins, blood will be shed.

Copyright © 2013 Tim Marquitz
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

“There’s been a double homicide.”

Isaac Grant groaned as the words sunk in. “Double?” He wiped the sleep from his eyes and sat up in bed, gripping the phone tight.

“Yeah. It’s already all over the news, too. I need you on scene.” Captain Garcia spouted off the address of the first location and hung up.

Isaac snapped his cell phone shut and dropped back onto the mattress. He’d expected a call, but that wasn’t it. A double murder. Isaac growled and rolled from the bed, the cold tile of the floor chilling his feet. He’d gone to sleep happy, excited for morning to roll around, but the captain’s news had soured his contentment. Now he’d have to spend his day mucking through the blood and guts left behind by some random killer who had nothing better to do than to ruin Isaac’s mood.

He splashed some water on his face and made his way into the kitchen to start the coffee pot brewing. Once the aromatic scent of the French blend filled the air, and he had a steaming mug cradled in his hands, he went into the living room and plopped down on the couch. The body wasn’t going anywhere.

Isaac snatched up the remote and turned the TV on. He’d been watching the local news before he crawled into bed last night, so he didn’t even have to change the channel. The somber face of the News 7 reporter popped into focus mid-sentence.

…information to go on. From what we can gather, the killings are the work of the same person. Here at Channel 7, we’ve received an anonymous letter that claims responsibility for the murders and promises there will be many more to come. At the suggestion of the El Paso Police Department, we’ve chosen not to air the specifics of the letter, but we warn our viewers to be cautious in their daily travels and to travel in groups whenever possible.

EPPD spokesman, Adrian Sifuentes, says the department is already investigating both the murders and the letter. He assures us they have the situation in hand, and asks the public to give them the opportunity to do their jobs and not to panic. The El Paso Police Depar—

Isaac turned the television off and tossed the remote across the couch. It landed with a dull thud against the leather cushion. His hand trembled as he lifted his cup to his mouth and swallowed deep to keep the coffee from spilling over. The heat of it burned his throat, chasing away the last of his weariness. Another killer had come to town and had boldly pissed on the city to claim it. That didn’t sit well with Isaac.

He hopped up from the couch and made his way to the bathroom. After a quick shower, the frigid water dong nothing to calm him, he got dressed and stormed to the door. He collected his gun and badge and left the house.

There was work to be done.

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